Metronome Therapy

Metronome Therapy

Doctors and scientists have discovered what musicians knew all along: The brain has it's own clock and dances to its own beat. Countless problems like ADD could be related to lack of rhythm and the inability to keep time. Even apps like Brain Wave are now using binaural beats to create certain states of relaxation. From deep physical rest to meditative to coffee-induced blasts of energy. Each one has a pulsating beat that tricks the mind into telling the body to chill, which it does. Music and songs can use these very same techniques to induce states of euphoria, ambition and a score of other positive things.

If you are lacking in rhythm, then its time to turn on this metronome and let it play until you become one with the selected beat. It may get boring, but one things for sure - you will absorb the tempo and become a better drummer or musician. Simply dial up a cool beat and grab your instrument to start playing along. Let the beat fade into the background while strumming, rapping, clapping or playing the sax. You will have internally absorbed the timing and start exploring what is possible within that particular beat. There is only so much that can be said on how to do this - you have to just start.

Some would call this music therapy or even just 'groovin along' to the beat. We do it everyday and don't even realize the accuracy of our foot taps and steering wheel slaps. If the song moves you, then the metronome fades into the background and you just 'get it'. No need to count "one, two, three, four" like a robot. Just try and feel it.

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